In collaboration with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)
Compatible with a wide range of business fields


In collaboration with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT), we support a variety of business fields. Companies in a wide range of fields, including logistics and electrical manufacturing, are moving into the industrial estates.
In addition, we are attracting companies through flexible systems, such as developing small-scale sale and rental factories.
Hi-Tech Industrial Estate Group is industrial estates that not only have a strong presence in Thailand, but also have an advantage in terms of location, facilities, and environment.

Capable of supporting a wide range of businesses with abundant industrial water supply system
HI-TECH Ayutthaya Industrial Estate
HI-TECH Ayutthaya Industrial Estate

HI-TECH Ayutthaya Industrial Estate was established in 1986 along the Asian Highway (National Highway No. 32). It has a history of being developed as a hub for manufacturing industries such as logistics, electronics, and electricity, as well as the automobile industry. It boasts a vast site with a total area of 2,600 rai (4,160,000 m2). 60 km from Bangkok Port and 150 km from Laem Chabang Port. Also, it is 36 km from Don Mueang International Airport, 60 km from Suvarnabhumi International Airport, and 60 km from the city center, giving the industrial estate a great advantage in terms of accessibility. There is a 24-hour safety monitoring facility on the premises, a one-stop service center (OSS), the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) office, an export processing zone, and a customs branch office. This is the reason why it is the largest export processing zone in Thailand.

In addition to industrial area, it also has the vast site of 419 hectares includes an export zone, commercial area, and residential area.
HI-TECH Ayutthaya Industrial Estate is also a hub of world-class manufacturing and transportation industries, and has established an important position among the industrial estates in Thailand.

Currently, not only Japanese companies, but PCB and electronics-related companies from China and Taiwan are also moving into Thailand, and the supply of industrial water has become an issue. In this respect, the industrial estate has a stable supply capacity of 60,000 ㎥ of industrial water every day, and is also equipped with incineration facilities, so there is no need to worry about the issue.


In today’s dynamic environment, entering a fitting industrial estate is essential for enduring success. This holds particularly true when launching an electronics manufacturing facility, as selecting a location with advanced infrastructure and cost-effective solutions is imperative for sustainable growth.

The Hi-Tech Industrial Estate has launched a new phase, offering lands specifically and thoughtfully designed for growth and development of the PCB and electronics industry. This expansion heralds a new era of opportunity, setting the for these industries to flourish.

Spanning 250,000 sq.m., the new phase land of 150 rai is strategically situated in a prestigious location next to the Asian highway, offering ample space for semiconductor and electronics enterprises, equipped with meticulously managed infrastructure. From a robust water supply, capable of supplying large volumes of water to meet customer demands, currently producing 60,000 cu.m. per day with a reserve of 20,000 cu.m per day, to a stable electric communications system finely tuned for IT and semiconductor needs, this ecosystem fosters innovation and prosperity.

Situated strategically in Ayutthaya, this hub serves as a pivotal gateway to Southeast Asia, especially for PCB and semiconductor ventures, just 60 km from Bangkok’s centre. Surrounded by an industrial cluster in Pathum Thani and Ayutthaya, logistics are seamless, ensuring swift access to key markets within a 1-2 hour radius.

Investors benefit from various incentives, including BOI Tax Privileges and streamlined One-Stop Services from lEAT. Whether in the free zone or general zone, lands are ripe for immediate construction, supported by BOI incentives that extend tax benefits for up to 8 years, with an additional 5 years for electronics ventures, along with special privileges for R&D investments.

A one-stop service center (OSS) and a customs branch office have also been set up by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT). All procedures for acquiring land, constructing a factory, and even obtaining visas and work permits for stationed employees can be carried out all at once at IEAT’s newly established local office within the estate.
Entrance view
One of the sites currently being offered for sale or rental
Office surrounded by trees
Ayutthaya Technology HI-TECH Center (ATTC)
Inspection laboratory for measuring instruments, etc.
Natural gas power plants seen from above
Industrial water intake
Treatment facility for discharged water from factory
Water treatment facility for Supply
HI-TECH Ayutthaya Industrial Estate map

Small-scale of sale in lots and rental factory in Ayutthaya Industrial Estate
SMEs Estate
SMEs Estate
HI-TECH Ayutthaya Industrial Estate

Compatible with warehouses of various sizes

Established in 2014. An estate connected to Ayutthaya Industrial Estate for small to medium sized factories for sale and rental. As an affiliated area with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT), you can receive one-stop service for obtaining permits for business and factory construction.

The factory site starts from 600㎡, and the basic size is 30 m x 20 m. Security is also available 24 hours a day, making it highly reliable in terms of maintenance.

Good conditions for a business environment where you can feel safe. The estate has a sufficient amount of water, which is essential for various operations. In addition, embankments have been built around the industrial park as a flood prevention measure, prevent water from flooding into the factory premises.
It faces National Highway No. 32, Thailand’s economic artery, and has extremely convenient access to the airports and deep-sea ports.

SMEs ESTATE floor plan

The only industrial estate in Prachinburi
HI-TECH Kabin Industrial Estate
HI-TECH Kabin Industrial Estate

Near the entrance seen from above

The only industrial estate in Prachinburi province. The estate is located along the 160 km point of National Highway No. 304, and the size is 1,075 rai (1,720,000 ㎡). It is 120 km from Suvarnabhumi International Airport, 145km from Don Mueang International Airport, 120km from Laem Chabang Port, and 160km from Bangkok Port, making it easy to access important industrial hubs.

It can be said that the location is perfect as it is located at a key transportation point connecting Bangkok and The north-east regoin. With a well-developed transportation network, it is possible to use all means of transportation, including land, air, and sea routes.

A surveillance facility operates 24 hours a day within the estate. It also has an office for the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT), which provides one-stop services.

By becoming a BOI-approved company, you can receive various preferential treatments, including exemption from corporate tax and exemption from import duties on raw materials.
The industrial water supply capacity is 6000 ㎥ a day, and the infrastructure capacity is also excellent. It is an industrial estate that aims for the coexistence of industry and rich nature, that is why although it is an industrial base, it is a high-tech park that values a relaxing atmosphere, with 9,000 ㎡ of green space on the premises.

We have abundant water from nearby water sources, so there is no problem with lack of industrial water. On the other hand, drainage facilities are fully equipped, and there is no drainage to the outside.
Industrial water storage facility
Industrial water treatment facility
HI-TECH Kabin Industrial Estate map

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